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Robyn Wheeler has dedicated her career to helping and caring for animals.

She currently works as the Media Relations Specialist for PrideRock Wildlife Refuge in Terrell, Texas.

She worked for 11 years at Disneyland’s Circle D Corral as an animal caretaker of livestock and exotic animals. She worked as an animal control officer for the Orange County Health Care Agency in Orange, California, and was a Regional Occupational Program animal science teacher in Garden Grove, California. For 15 years, Robyn owned and operated The Creature Teacher, a wildlife educational service, where she cared for more than 40 different species of animals. Robyn presented more than 450 shows to children and adults of all ages at libraries, schools and birthday parties. In 2015, Robyn published a series of children's educational workbook titled The Creature Teacher's Frog-tastic Funbooks.

She also has experience as a newspaper reporter, typesetter and editor for The Monitor of Cedar Creek Lake.

Robyn earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California in 1988 and graduated Equissage, Texas, in 2016, as a certified equine sports massage therapist.

Robyn volunteered for Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, California for 6 years, where she assisted in the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured seals and sea lions, and returned them to the ocean when they were healthy enough to be on their own.

She is currently a volunteer at the Doris Day Equine Center in Murchison, Texas.

In 1992, Robyn traveled to Costa Rica on a Sea Turtle Restoration Project to witness thousands of sea turtles make the journey back to the beach where they were born to lay their eggs. She also swam with the manatees in 1996 with the Oceanic Expedition Society.


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